Image Touch Up and Optimization

Most old pictures have character due to age but some are beyond character like the one below. We offer image touch up and editing at a nominal fee. We can sharpen images to a degree, touch up blotches etc. Images from old newspapers can also be tweaked to be a little clearer. Prices usually range between $10-40 with most being in the low end of that range or around $20.


Slide the handle in the middle of the image left or right to see before and after.

We also do image optimization which helps us both. Image optimization is compressing them in size so that they take up less space on the server and help your web pages load faster. Since you're paying for this space, it saves you money in the long run and faster loading pages are more enjoyable for your visitors. It also relieves some stress on our servers. This is best done in bulk as opposed to one or a few images at a time. If you have a WordPress site, we'll install a plugin that will automatically optimize any images uploaded. There would be no charge for that. For other sites, you can upload them to our cloud and we'll batch process them. The cost is very minimal. $10 per 100 images and the minimum charge would be the $10.