Route 66 Custom

Route 66 Custom builds Custom Classic Chevy Trucks. Custom Premium theme with a Custom logo, Custom image sliders, Galleries which will have hundreds of optimized images. Javascript and Jquery used extensively for many Custom effects. Connected to ebay and other sales outlets and the site itself will be e-commerce capable. Did we mention it’s Custom?



Someone else initially made the site. I just fixed a few layout issues and installed security plugins. The image slider wasn't working properly and another needed to be made. I also installed javascript code for the external shopping cart connection. The site appears to be down. Unfortunately, Mr Kelso's site was originally built by a company/person with low business morals. They pretty much hold his site hostage for hosting because they kept control of the domain name, His choices are to start over with a new domain name or continue to pay them for hosting. Meanwhile, there's no access to cpanel or control over the domain. This happens much too often in web design. I see they're site is gone completely. I wonder how many people lost their sites.

A Sign Company

a-signYes, that’s their legal business name. A business brochure/portfolio site also with a contact page and galleries, social share widget and a link to their facebook page. I made the chrome logo image as a placeholder but I guess they like it because a year has gone by and they’ve yet to send me their actual logo.

Mi Amor Photography

Photography portfolio with homepage image slider, masonry galleries. Customer reviews which are linked to the actual facebook page reviews. Pricing info page. Customer supplied logo and a custom contact form with google map. Hundreds of photos were optimized for faster loading on the web.